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August 12 2009
RIPN - a Partner of RIPE NCC Moscow Regional Meeting

August 07 2009
RIPN took part in and supported the X All-Russia Scientific and Technical Conference "Theoretical and Applied Aspects of Modern Information Technologies"

June 26 2009
New Trunk Transmission Line "JINR Dubna - Moscow" Launched

June 17 2009
Follow up the XVI Conference for the Representatives of Scientific and Educational Networks RELARN-2009

June 01 2009
RIPN Representatives Joined Internet Development Council in the Ministry of Communications of Russia

May 18 2009
Amsterdam Hosted RIPE 58 Conference

April 28 2009
On the Threshold of RIPE-58 Conference: Publication of Analytic Review "IP-Address Background. IPv4 Prospects and Switch to IPv6 Address Assigning Protocol"

April 10 2009
RIPN Included in Organising Committee of the Russian Safe Internet Year

April 03 2009
RIPN Takes Part in 8th International Conference Safety, Security and Confidence in Using Info Communication Networks and Systems

March 23 2009
RIPN (Technical Center of RU National Domain) Announces Registration of Two-Millionth Domain Name in Russian Internet

March 05 2009
RIPN has organized the international channels for the Moscow - Chicago videoconference at AAAS-2009

19 February 2009
Nota Bene: Analytics and Reviews on RIPN Site

04 December 2008
Participation of Russian Institute for Public Networks (RIPN) in the Global SAGE Visualcasting demonstration at SC08

12 November 2008
Moscow Hosted International Computer Security Conference

20 October 2008
GLIF heads north by north-west

26 September 2008
Summary of RIPE NCC 2008 Moscow Regional Meeting

15 September 2008
RIPN Attended the First International Conference of CIS, Central and Western Europe National Domain Registrars and Registrants

08 August 2008
News Conference in ITAR-TASS "SU Domain: New Status and Prospects"

30 July 2008
RIPN Cosponsoring RIPE NCC Regional Conference in Moscow

28 July 2008
RIPN Participating in Video Transmission of the Sun Eclipse

09 July 2008
RU Domain Root Server Local Node Placed in Saint Petersburg

08 July 2008
Following the Results of XV Regional Representation Scientific-Educational Network Conference "RELARN-2008"

24 June 2008
RIPN Participating in "Domain .RU Live Issues" Round-Table as Part of RELARN 2008 Conference

22 April 2008
RU Zone Root DNS-Server Node Placed in MSK-IX Network

01 April 2008
RIPN and "Rostelekom" Extended the Scope of Master Agreement for Traffic Exchange Platforms Development

07 November 2007
RIPN and Rostelekom Agreed to Develop Internet Traffic Exchange Platforms in Russia's Regions

18 October 2007
2 Gigabit Ethernet for Saint-Petersburg Internet Exchange Attendees

16 October 2007
SAGE-enabled Cyberspace Demonstration over GLORIAD Takes Place as Part of Sputnik Celebration

05 October 2007
Summing up the 4th RIPE NCC Regional Meeting held in Moscow

26 September 2007
USA and Russian GLORIAD Partnership Building International Geoscience Collaboration

17 September 2007
RIPN (Technical center of RU national domain) is announcing Russian Internet's millionth domain name registration

04 September 2007
RIPN is a co-organizer of the regional RIPE NCC meeting in Moscow

18 June 2007
Results of the XIV conference of regional science and education networks' representatives "RELARN-2007"

15 June 2007
GLORIAD: USA-Russia Lightpath Enables Fast Data Transfer of Terabyte-sized Scientific Datasets

04 June 2007
RIPN has celebrated its 15th anniversary

17 May 2007
A local point of RU top-level domain root server has been arranged in Novosibirsk

03 May 2007
RIPN serves as a co-organizer of the XIV Conference of regional science and education networks representatives "RELARN-2007"

26 March 2007
RIPN will deploy local points of RU top-level domain root servers in Russian regions

14 February 2007
RIPN and RTCOMM are beginning the project of constructing regional internet-traffic exchange points

26 January 2007
The total domain name registrations reached the mark of 700 thousand in 2006

14 July 2006
Results of the working meeting GLORIAD Moscow 2006

11 January 2006
New Instance of RIPE NCC Operated K-root Deployed in Novosibirsk, Russia

10 January 2006
Change of record for .ru TLD in IANA database

20 January 2005
RIPN Registration System is scheduled for maintenance on January 30, 2005 between the hours 13:00 and 15:00 MSK.

16 July 2004
Results of the Moscow RIPE NCC Regional Meeting

29 January 2004
RIPN stops to perform the duties of .RU Second Level Domain Names Registrar. All the Second Level Domain Name .RU Registration Agreements between RIPN and persons or entities will be terminated

14 November 2003
Cyrillic domain names come to Russia

13 March 2003
The Incorporated Structure on the internet-traffic exchange on base SPB-IX and MSK-IX has been created

23 October 2002
New channel Moscow-Chicago with the throughput 155 Mbps was launched by Russian Backbone Network (RBNet)

01 October 2002
The Moscow Internet Exchange (MSK-IX) is the latest member to join Euro-IX

17 September 2002
In view of nearing Netcom 2002 exhibition Alexey Platonov RIPN director answers the questions of International Inter-branch Journal

03 September 2002
The 100th Internet provider was co nnected to the Moscow Internet Exchange point

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