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RU Domain Root Server Local Node Placed in Saint Petersburg

Saint Petersburg Internet Exchange Network (SPB-IX) placed RU domain root server local node.

Saint Petersburg became another Russian city as part of the joint program of RIPN and Coordination Center for TLD RU launched to deploy domain RU Secondary DNS-server nodes network.

Previously, similar nodes were put into operation in Amsterdam (Netherlands), Moscow, Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg, Samara and Vladivostok (in test mode).

The establishment of such nodes was largely prompted by improvement of reliability, accessibility and fail-safe features of DNS-servers in Russian regions and abroad. Domain RU root DNS-server node placed in Saint Petersburg is controlled by Domain RU Technical Center (RIPN).

Now any network presented by SPB-IX participant has an ability to set peering with the network, where Saint-Petersburg national Russian domain node is placed to significantly increase the accessibility of domain RU root server. Route-server (RS) users automatically gained direct access to domain RU network without setting direct peering with it. The service is provided as part of the contract for connection to SPB-IX. IP-anycast technology is applied for deployment of new nodes of domain RU Secondary DNS-servers.

Following the development plan, domain RU DNS-server mirrors will further be set up in Roston-on-Don and other cities with more than 1 million residents in all seven Federal districts of Russia, as well as in Europe, Asia and America.

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