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RIPN is a co-organizer of the regional RIPE NCC meeting in Moscow


On October 2 - 3 2007 the regional RIPE NCC meeting will be held in Moscow at "Marriott Grand" hotel. The meeting will be dedicated to the issues of resources distribution policy and Internet address space management.

RIPE NCC - Coordination center for Internet resources distribution in European region (Reseaux IP Europeens) - periodically holds external conferences (2-3 days), where participants can discuss specific regional issues. RIPE NCC members, representatives of the organizations, which provide internet services and equipment, and Internet-community members are invited to the conference. Such meetings are held for Internet development assistance in the region, serviced by RIPE NCC. The meetings make RIPE community members from different regions closer to each other and promote active attraction of these people to participation in RIPE meetings, where internet-resources distribution policy is being worked out together, and to participation in work groups.

The RIPE NCC 2007 conference will be the fourth RIPE NCC regional conference, held in the Russian capital. Last year more than 150 people took part in such a conference - representatives of RIPE NCC, Russian and foreign Internet service-providers, traffic exchange points, registrars and administrators, RU and UA domains and a number of government and public organizations. This year more than 200 participants are expected.

Participation in the meeting is free. At the present time the conference program is being formed. RU-CENTER will be the RIPE NCC regional meeting organizer, and RIPN will be the conference co-organizer. Those who wish to participate in RIPE NCC conference may register at the conference web-site.

RIPN invites all interested persons to take an active part in the traditional RIPE NCC regional conference!

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