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The Moscow Internet Exchange (MSK-IX) is the latest member to join Euro-IX

Moscow Internet Exchange (MSK-IX) - is neutral network structure, that gives the Internet Service Providers (ISP) the opportunity to make the IP-traffic exchange under the peering agreement. In september MSK-IX became a member of the European Internet Exchange Association (Euro-IX).

EURO-IX was established in May 2001 to co-ordinate technical standards across the continent, develop common procedures, share and exchange the information and best practice relating to implementation, operation and administration of Internet exchange points. Currently 21 exchange points across 17 European counties are members of Euro-IX. Details are available at

European Internet Exchange Association support the Providers connected to European IXP's members knowledge base available on MSK-IX members data was included to EURO-IX knowledge base.

Moscow Internet Exchange was established in 1995 and begins from the only one node on the Moscow International Telephone Exchange MMTS-9. Currently Moscow Internet Exchange is reliable, distributed system, with Point of Presence in 8 buildings in Moscow integrated by high- speed backbone. Due to the distributing structure of MSK-IX increase the possibilities of Moscow and Regional providers in connection to IP-traffic exchange system and in receiving high-speed hop between MSK-IX nodes. Remind that in the beginning of september the 100th provider was connected to the Moscow point of Internet exchange MSK-IX.

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