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Moscow Hosted International Computer Security Conference

International computer security conference took place in the Aerostar Hotel November 7. The Russian capital has not yet witnessed similar events. This meeting was attended by the representatives of domestic and foreign European organizations struggling against computer incidents.

The host party of the event was RU-CERT - the project of Russian Institute for Public Networks (RIPN) and the only Cyber Threat Response Center in Russia, incorporated into FIRST. General sponsorship of the conference was provided by the Internet Development Fund. RU-CENTER was a co-sponsor of the meeting.

Among the conference speakers were top-level Russian and foreign governmental officials. In particular, the opening ceremony was marked by the speech of Alexey Soldatov, Deputy Minister of Communications. In his opening speech he stressed that such meetings are basically oriented to reach mutual understanding between the organizations struggling for computer security in various states.

Foreign attendees reported about the actions intended to prevent cyber threats in European countries.

Russian attendees shared domestic experience how to struggle against cyber threats. Michael Ganev, RU-CERT Deputy Director, reported that the organization has worked up more than 5.6 ths. computer incidents during 2007 and more than 2,7 ths during the last months of 2008. The most popular threats in Russia today are fishing, DOS-attacks and users' personal data theft. In the short term, RU-CERT plans to black-list the internet providers, which clients commit cyber crimes.

On the whole the participants of the conference positively appreciated its totals. As mentioned in the news release on the official FID web-site, holding the meeting enhanced the prestige of Russia in the sruggle against international cyber-crimes.

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