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RIPN Takes Part in 8th International Conference Safety, Security and Confidence in Using Info Communication Networks and Systems

The 8th International Conference Safety, Security & Confidence in Using Info Communication Networks & Systems, was held on April 1-2 at the President Hotel in Bolshaya Yakimanka Street. The conference was sponsored by the Russian Association of Networks and Services with support from such Russian and international organisations as the Russian Federation Ministry of Communications & Mass Links, Federal Agency for Information Technologies, Russian Interior Ministry, Yandex, Cisco Systems LLC, ICANN, Coordination Centre for RU TLD, etc.

The principal motif of the conference was provided by the issue which is occupying now a leading place in the work of the experts: transfer of information safety from a technical problem into a problem of the society at large. A focal point of the conference was strengthening the economic cooperation in the Internet-related safety and security issues, without which a proper development of the Russian web segment is just impossible.

The conference was inaugurated by the plenary meeting Information Safety & Security Safeguards as an Inalienable Part of the Info Communication Business, which was summed up by Mikhail Yakushev, Board Chairman of the Coordination Centre for RU TLD. In his speech he told the audience once again about the existing Internet threat proliferation spheres and supplemented the previous speakers by emphasising a special significance of an overall consideration of the safety and security issues in the Internet network.

The whole set of information safety and security problems is divided into several major blocks: technical Internet space safety and protection against harmful software, personal data protection and problem of information manipulation in the Web, a vast stratum of problems related to the spread of illegal content, problem of a strategic Internet resource possession and, at last, lack of a distinctly formulated government normative programme in the sphere of Web functioning and development. The Internet with its scale of audience coverage has been for quite a while a major structure penetrating the society, and the ADEC conference has provided an excellent ground for a fruitful discussion of the issues related to the Network development, a ground where this year all the aspects of ensuring the Internet safety and security have been outlined and considered.

The information safety and security problem is an incredibly intricate one. Its solution is being dealt with by many Russian and international organisations sharing various functions to fulfil a common mission. The Coordination Centre for RU TLD as an entity entrusted with management of the national domain zone has assumed the function of safeguarding the domain name safety and security and organised at the conference the round table entitled: DNSSEC Introduction & Use. Issues related to the DNS infrastructure safety provisions at the national and international levels were put under discussion as part of the meeting. The round table was moderated by Andrei Kolesnikov, Director of the Coordination Centre for RU TLD. The discussions were partaken by Veni Markowski (ICANN), Steve Crocker (ICANN), Suzan Wolf (ISC), Dmitry Burkov (Coordination Centre for RU TLD), Andrei Kondakov (Director General, Nownet SP LLC), Vasily Dolmatov (Coordination Centre for RU TLD), Sergei Linde (RU-CERT), and Anton Korotin (RIPN). Here is what Suzan Wolf said about the DNSSEC introduction in Russia: "Colleagues, Steve Crocker and I have been requested to provide at the conference a general overview, its special emphasis to be laid on the cryptographic problems, whereas Russia, while displaying a great interest in introducing DNSSEC for the RU domain, is still facing some legal and operational restraints, which pose difficulties in applying general cryptographic algorithms. Veni Markowski (ICANN) has made to the participants our presentation and Steve and I answered the addressed questions. I believe the meeting was quite a constructive one. We answered some questions related to DNSSEC, in particular, on various cryptographic algorithms and other problems worrying the Russian Internet community. We are looking forward to the signing of .RU".

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