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New Trunk Transmission Line "JINR Dubna - Moscow" Launched

ANO "RIPN" (RIPN) in association with Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (JINR), SOE "Space Communications" and "Jet Infosystems" has launched a new trunk transmission line "JINR Dubna - Moscow". The channel is intended to exchange the data for the researches on the Large Hadron Collider recently built in CERN (Gen?ve).

The 10 Gbit/sec transmission line is routed as follows: from Dubna to Moscow (Shabolovka, 37) on two fibers owned by the state enterprise "Space Communications" (SOE SC), and from Shabolovka, 37 (SOE SC) to MSK-IX on two fibers owned by ANO "RIPN" (RIPN).

The use of DWDM technology will allow in future to build up to 88 channels (10 Gbit/sec each) on these fibers. DWDM system was fine-tuned by "Jet Infosystems". The project utilized Nortel network equipment. The Nortel equipment owned and fine-tuned by RIPN is set up at MSK-IX.

This channel has become an integral part of GRID-infrastructure for storage, processing and analyzing the results of experiments at the Large Hadron Collider. These experiments were conducted by JINR scientists. This infrastructure brings together 140 computer centers in 34 countries.

After upgrading the terminal equipment this channel is intended to be used not only in relation to the "LHC" project - its capacity is enough to satisfy both the city of Dubna and the companies headquartered in the exclusive economic zone "Dubna".

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