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The 100th Internet provider was connected to the Moscow Internet Exchange point

Moscow Internet Exchange is one of the Internet Exchange systems in Europe was established in 1995 in accordance with the agreement concluded by the Leading Internet Providers and Russian Institute for Public Networks. Recently the 100th Internet Provider was connected to this system.

Since the Russian Internet become actively develop, so the Moscow Internet Exchange develop too. Interned Providers from Saint-Petersburg, Perm, Kaliningrad and other Russian cities and even Kazakhstan and Ukraine cities connected to MSK-IX.

Currently Moscow Internet Exchange is reliable, distributed system, with Point of Presence in 8 buildings in Moscow integrated by 1Gb/s backbone. Due to the distributing structure of MSK-IX increase the possibilities of Moscow and Regional providers in connection to IP-traffic exchange system and in receiving high-speed hop between MSK-IX nodes.

Along with MSK-IX project Russian Institute for Public Network have some more projects in this area such as Multicast Traffic Exchange System, High-speed hop system between two or more connections, development of IX model using in new generation IP-networks (IPv6).

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