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The Incorporated Structure on the internet-traffic exchange on base SPB-IX and MSK-IX has been created

Joint-Stock Company Raskom and Russian Institute for Public Networks have reached the agreement on the beginning of granting services Incorporated IX in Moscow and in SAINT PETERSBURG at a new level.

The essence of an innovation consists in the following. Former earlier in separate units MSK-IX in Moscow and SPB-IX in Saint Petersburg, became now uniform system of traffic exchange. Due to use MPLS-network Giganet̉, these spots now united by the channel MPLS-VPN with reception capacity 1.2 Gb/sec.

Now participants SPB-IX had an opportunity a highly effective broadband the traffic exchange with the Moscow internet-operators.

Earlier to have the best traffic exchange with the Russian networks, provaiders were compelled to rent the channel up to Moscow and, in addition, to pay for rent of port in MSK-IX.

Now necessity for it has disappeared also that service which gave RIPN for participants MSK-IX, now is accessible and in northern capital. And, economically, the exchange through incorporated structure with participants MSK-IX now became more favourable, than earlier.

The given step is reflection of the natural tendency of rapproachement of two largest Russian cities. Demand for services in transit of the traffic between megacities constantly grows, and due to sharp competitive struggle of operators, the prices for such services are constantly reduced. Therefore RIPN and network Giganet̉ in January, 2002 have declared realization of the pilot project Incorporated IX.
Then the data by quantity of the traffic between Capitals were received, and operators could be convinced of serviceability and high efficiency of the offered decision.

We hope, that consumers of new service become not only traditional internet-provaiders.

The highly effective traffic exchange is necessary as well for networks of the operators engaged in an IP-telephony. For today, the delay of distribution of an IP-package on network Giganet̉ between Saint Petersburg and Moscow makes 9 ms.

It together with the highest parameters of stability of a delay in a network, should interest VoIP operators for whom such characteristics are vital.

Operators of hosting services also can appreciate advantages Incorporated unit of an exchange of the traffic. The market of such services in SaintPeterburge traditional less Moscow. Now the Saint Petersburg clients, who wish to make the ineternet-site the most accessible from the outside, there is no necessity to place it on the Moscow technical platforms. Availability of the Russian networks in Saint Petersburge now became same, as well as in Moscow.

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