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RIPN and RTCOMM are beginning the project of constructing regional internet-traffic exchange points

Russian Institute for Public Networks (RIPN) and Public Corporation "RTCOMM.RU" (RTCOMM) have signed the memorandum of cooperation within the framework of the project of building regional internet-traffic exchange points.

The project is aimed at creation of traffic exchange points (Internet Exchange, IX) in the cities of Russian Federation with population over 1 million people, as well as attraction of internet-networks operators and information resources providers to interaction on regional level with the use of IX.

The project is realized by a principle of a neutrality and equal availability of exchange points for all active and potential participants. Coordination and financing of the project is carried out by RIPN. RTCOMM provides recommendations for choosing perspective points and using local network infrastructure for placement of regional IX.

Elena Voronina, RIPN deputy director, MSK-IX director: "Russian Internet development and growth of volumes of the regional traffic present the immediate task of creation of new points of traffic exchange. Cooperation with RTCOMM, the biggest Russian internet-operator, will give a momentum to the development of Russian Internet Exchanges".

"Creation of regional IX will promote the development and further accessibility of information resources for broad circles of users in the Russian Federation regions, including state, educational and scientific organizations", - as stated in the memorandum.

Pavel Tereshenko, RTCOMM CEO: "Cooperation of RTCOMM as a national operator possessing the most developed IP-network in Russia with RIPN - an operator of the Russian Backbone Network - RBNet, providing Internet connection for regional science and education networks, will serve the effective implementation of delivering the methodological and educational content to learning institutions, connected to the Internet by RTCOMM within the framework of the national project "Education".

RIPN has created IP-traffic exchange points in Moscow (MSK-IX), Saint-Petersburg (SPB-IX), Novosibirsk (NSK-IX). Internet Exchanges provide traffic exchange between Internet-providers. At present time over 200 providers are connected to Russian Internet Exchanges. The biggest Russian Internet Exchange in Moscow - MSK-IX - has a distributed structure and contains 10 points, connected by fiber-optic channels with a capacity from 1 to 10 Gb/sec.

RTCOMM is a national communication operator and a leader in the segment of providing separate line Internet access services, controlling about 45% of the Russian market of operator access to the Internet. RTCOMM provides services both for communication operators and internet-providers and corporate clients serving as a provider of complete info-communication packages. Centralized RTCOMM network was built based on MPSL/VPN technology and is the most wide-branched IP-network in Russia. RTCOMM data centers are located in Moscow, Novosibirsk and Rostov-na-Donu. Regional branches: RTCOMM-Siberia, RTCOMM-South, BashRTCOMM.

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