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RIPN will deploy local points of RU top-level domain root servers in Russian regions

In 2007 local points of RU top-level domain root servers will be put into operation in several federal districts of Russian Federation.

The main reason for developing these points is the increase of reliability and accessibility of DNS-servers in Russian regions as well as making DNS-server performance more failure resistant.

Expansion of RU top-level domain Secondary DNS-servers network will make the DNS system closer to regional users, and in order to ensure more stable RU top-level domain operation the points will be set up abroad.

As per IP-anycast technology, request to a DNS-server is being sent to the nearest local point, which promotes higher service quality and shortens response time for the users. The use of this technology will minimize DNS-traffic, shorten recall time and thus will dramatically increase access speed to internet-resources in RU top-level domain for Russian users. Besides, IP-anycast technology will provide scalability of the system, flexibility of its adjustments and increase resistance of RU-segment DNS system to network attacks.

Today Russian national top-level domain RU is under the management of 8 domain name servers. According to the development plan, mirrors for RU top-level domain DNS servers will be deployed in large cities of all seven federal districts of Russia as well as in the countries of Europe, Asia and the USA.

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