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Summary of RIPE NCC 2008 Moscow Regional Meeting


RIPE NCC launched a Regional Conference in Holiday Inn Suschevsky Hotel, Moscow (Reseaux IP Europeens, Internet Network Distribution Coordination Center in European region).

RIPE NCC Regional Meeting in Moscow took place for the fifth time. RIPE NCC representatives advised the attendees of the advancements that had been achieved as of the last year's conference held in Moscow, and outlined the prospective development plans. RIPE NCC is currently supporting about 6 ths. local Internet registrars within NCC, including 709 Russian LIR. This was announced by Axel Pawlik, RIPE NCC General Director. Franz Schwarzinger, RIPE NCC Programming Engineer, briefed on achievements in RIPE NCC information services. Jochem de Ruig, Head of the Finnish Department, cheered up the providers by announcing that the service prices for 2009 will remain fixed. Rob Blokzijl, RIPE Community President encouraged the Russian community members for a deeper involvement in common events for policy making as regards Internet resources regional distribution. Among the pending issues, head of RIPE NCC emphasized that Internet community will shortly face IPv4 address complete exhaustion and stressed the need to transit to IPv6 protocol.

IPv6 became an object of the discussion with the involvement of IPv6 protocol developers (Jordi Palet, Spain) and implementers (Jaap Akkerhuis, Netherlands). Andrey Robachevsky, RIPE NCC Technical Director, briefed on the use of NAT-PT IPv4-IPv6 and IPv6-IPv4 transition technologies. All attendees shared the opinion that implementation of IPv6 will not mean the disuse of IPv4 and recommended that the providers use both protocols simultaneously for a long-term period. One of the reasons therefore is that majority of applications is currently used with IPv4 protocol.

The discussants suggested using various transition mechanisms and eventually admitted their shortcomings, adding that debugging will take a long time. To provide for efficient IPv4-IPv6 interface, the experts recommended that dual approach be applied for networking: IPv4 to be used in local segment (LAN), and IPv6 - for Internet access (on WAN interfaces). The attendees readdressed IPv6 issue on the following day as part of the report made by Jordi Palet (Consulintel) and speech of Michail Kader (CISCO) related to security problems in IPv6 networks.

The Russian side at the conference was represented by RU-CENTER. RIPN became its cosponsor. Conference speakers addressed the issues on traffic exchange nodes, functioning as part of "Regional IX" in Saint-Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Samara, Rostov-on-Don, Novosibirsk and Vladivostok.

RIPE NCC Moscow Regional Meeting was also cosponsored by the Internet Development Fund and Domain RU Coordination Center. Moscow Internet Exchange (MSK-IX) provided Internet access to its attendees.

All the reports addressed at the conference are published on RIPE NCC site.

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