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RIPN and Rostelekom Agreed to Develop Internet Traffic Exchange Platforms in Russia's Regions

Russian Institute for Public Networks (RIPN) and National Long-Distance Communication Operator Rostelekom signed a Master Agreement for cooperation in regional traffic exchange software-hardware platforms to optimize traffic routes (Internet Exchange, IX).

The Parties agreed that the first two upgraded Internet Exchange platforms set up as part of this Agreement will appear in Novosibirsk and Samara based on the existing RIPN network nodes. RIPN will undertake outfitting with the required hardware and racks for the customers' telecommunication equipment, and Rostelekom will provide the facilities and the whole range of IX business support services.

Network connection and maintenance for the customers will be provided based on the same financial and process terms as in Internet Exchange nodes operated by RIPN in other areas of Russia (primarily in Moscow and Saint Petersburg). Any operator may unrestrictedly connect his communication lines to IX equipment. Customer's network connection and maintenance jobs will be provided on equal terms.

Set-up of additional Internet traffic exchange platforms in various Russian cities will considerably enhance connectivity of the Russian segment within the global network, accelerate content receipt by the users and offload Internet operators' trunk lines.

"Rostelekom's network intends to connect all Russian Internet traffic exchange nodes. Company's involvement in IX largest nodes in Europe will enable to grant foreign Internet users a broader access to Internet resources and provide a quick and reliable access to global network for the users in various Russia's regions", declared Olga Rumyantseva - Director of Clients Sales and Maintenance Department. "The Company strives to bring the network accessibility for regional users up to the level of Russia's central cities. I hope to enjoy support from other operators. Rostelekom and RIPN are open for cooperation", she added.

"RIPN is a non-profit organization established to implement computer network development projects for the science and high school needs, as well as for the key objects of Internet national infrastructure", noted Alexey Platonov - RIPN Director, on signing the Agreement. "We are very pleased to implement IX development strategy program in Russia in partnership with Rostelekom that realizes the importance of science and educational needs and agrees to take all-out efforts to support information communication technologies in our country", he added.

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