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Russian Institute for Public Networks (RIPN) has been founded in 1992 by the Higher School Committee of Russia, Russian Research Centre "Kurchatov Institute" and Computer Centre of Kurchatov Institute. The aims declared were the following:

  • to develop computer communications in the interests of Research & Education (R&E);
  • to coordinate IP networking in Russia;
  • to promote research studies in the field of computer communications;
  • to support R&E organizations in getting access to the Internet information resources via public networks.

The analysis of the current situation in the field of networking shows that a large number of the R&E organizations receive service from the providers, operating "public" networks (in other words, these are systems without "Accepted User Policy"). That's why special attention in RIPN activities is devoted to the problem of usage optimization of this sector of the telecommunications. Another large part of RIPN activities deals with the creation of the national backbone on the base of the modern technologies. The basic idea is the operation of this system in cooperation with the various service-providers (including "commercial" and "non-profit") in order to provide the self-supporting mode without large centralized investments from the budget.

One of the main tasks of the RIPN is to support the Network Information Centre (NIC) for xSU/RU. The constituent parts of the NIC activity are:

  • Registration of IP numbers for the customers from
  • the blocks delegated RIPN by the Europe coordination body - RIPE ("last resort" IP registry);
  • Administration of "RU" top level domain;
  • Support of the Internet document store;
  • Support of persons and organizations directory service;

RIPN provides additional free-of-charge information service on selected topics. This is oriented mainly on R&E community and has the most general character (White & Yellow Pages, info on selected scientific magazines, WWW service for R&E organizations, etc.). Some of these information systems are already being operated, others are to be installed in the nearest future.

Following the principle of Internet as an Open System, RIPN is open for communication and is ready to participate in various projects directed towards the creation of Information Society.

123182, Russia, Moscow, Kurchatov square, 1 (ROSNIIROS)
Phone: +7(499)196-4984

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